Art Doyle – 45-plus years of riding, fixing, fitting, talking, and yeah... selling bikes! He leads a 60-80 mile road ride every Sunday. Winter Time the rides continue with an emphasis on FAT biking as well as continuing  doing road rides.Been doing it for over 33 years. Ask him about it. Still gets giddy from riding! His newest joy is rockin' the Fatbikes on Snow or Dirt….all year long! Currently loving his Salsa Beargrease XO1 with its hyper dynamic paint. Art rides to work year round for the joy, the health and the reduced use of his motor vehicles. Biking is just good for all!

Eric Fredrickson – The Manager. Eric worked here first and then he went off to work at other shops, then QBP, then Salsa Brand Ambassador and now.... he’s baaack! The guy loves to ride whatever and wherever...with his buds or his kids!  Eric has 4 young delightful, charming, and smart children. Probably strong and agile too! He and his wife Katie live blocks away and are both very involved with family and community. As with the rest of the staff he does it all, mechanic and sales. Our staff is Renaissance inspired by design and desire!  Eric delights in living just blocks away from the shop.

Ben Tresselt-Ben has worked in our Shop for a total of  7 years and is now in charge of a few Departments. Yay Ben! Ben is a Certified Bosch E-Bike Tech. He rides and owns all types of bikes but his biggest joys are Mtn and FAT biking! Digs himself some single speed action too. Ben is the Proud Poppa of  his young Daughter Zola. Zola is a 2 year old and has worked here, OK...hung out here, for over 10 hours!  We try to be flexible! Ben frequently rides downhill to work. The homeward bound trip is just a little slower!

Carter Rogers- Bikes have been big forever for him and he loves long rides and bike packing. FAT bikes and Fast Road bikes are two new types of riding for him. Carter says" I am excited to be part of this great team!"  Carter started a Cross USA Ride this Fall that was cut short when a Car hit him. Fortunately he had minimum injuries…whew! He wants to point out that he is also an Artist and a good one at that. Ask him! He is now our Trainer Czar and headed towards more Lead Positions in our Departments. Carter has taken the time to develop into our Chief Di2 and E-Tap guy!

Andy Palmer-New Guy! Old Guy! Great Guy! He is a Barnett Institute of Bike Mechanics Graduate. Andy grew up in the Valley and worked here in the late 90’s. Then he joined REI for a while. After that his work at QBP culminated in Salsa Product Management. Nice! He made important product selection and design for some of your bikes. We love Salsa Bikes! Experience is his Middle Name. We are delighted that he is….Baaaaack! Andy is an Outdoor enthusiast as well as a Non Motorized Transportation Enthusiast. He is very detail orientated and wants you to know that he likes Beer! Mountain Biking and Commuting are his primary uses of a bike. Drop by and check out the New/Old Guy!

Sarah Larsen -Sarah is seventeen and is en route to becoming a Signature Mechanic as well getting out on the floor to chat with you about bikes! Sarah rides to work all year round! Stellar! She enjoys working at the Shop because she likes the simplicity of bikes as well as the ecological benefit of not using motor vehicles. Yay Sarah!!

Jody Westbrook- A Shop Manager and Lead Mechanic in the 90’s….He’s Baaaack! Jody spent time elsewhere in the bike industry as well as some other industries but we are glad that ….He’s Baaaaack! Jody has long enjoyed road, mountain and practical biking. He is once again our Lead mechanic . Expert Wheel Builder. Loves his Classic Fat Chance Mountain Bike. Do not play “Bike Parts of the 90’s” with him! Jody is very modern as a Bosch E-Bike Certified Tech